Joint App from Zephism/Valhallen (Rogue&DK)

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Joint App from Zephism/Valhallen (Rogue&DK) Empty Joint App from Zephism/Valhallen (Rogue&DK)

Post  Zephism on Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:54 pm

Hey guys, we'd like to submit our application as a joint app.
This is a joint app from Zephism/Valhallen


Name: Felix, although everyone just calls me Zeph online and in real life.
Age: I'm 21, getting old. ;_;
Location: Born in Holland, moved to Scotland to live with girlfriend. Ah the wondrous Skyrim style outdoors where you randomly see deer get shot and eaten by foxes and rabid bunnies.

Real life: Done a year in college for IT Application developer before I had to move so I just dropped that out, currently working at a game store to make some money and keep me busy. I'll probably pick up a course again soon. Whenever I'm not playing WoW I'm usually playing other games like League of Legends or Starcraft / Battlefield / TF2. Love playing the guitar, been at it for a couple of years now and it still exhilarates me whenever I get to strum the strings. I also build them like a luthier does although obviously not on a professional level, just a hobby. Rest of my time's spent eating (which I love ), spending time with girlfriend & her family, cats, create more guitars, waste most of my cash on games, stay in touch with friends from Holland etc.

Character and spec:
Time on /played 169 days 3 hours.

(I've transferred my rogue to play with Valhallen on Draenor because he was very ronery.)

I play Assassination right now, because it's the highest single target DPS outside of cleave fights. I've played Subtlety for the entire Cataclysm patch, and is by far my favorite spec of the three because the rotations are complex and engaging and just ultimately something refreshing, new. Unfortunately it's fallen behind in MoP but should it rise up again in terms of power and effectiveness I'll definitely will switch back to it. Most people do not play Sub because it's too complex and I give them right, there is no high risk high reward style for this in the same way as Combat/Assassination (easier rotation and similar dps).
In the end, a good rogue should be able to handle all three and it boils down to preference and what your raid setup needs. Plus it's awesome to teleport around. And daggers, I love daggers.

(Worst luck ever with off-hand)

Please refer to Character and spec as well.
You'd think a rogue only offers damage but many oversee the little tools they bring such as Expose Armor (if for some reason you don't have a warrior in your raid for example) for the 12% armor reduction which benefits the whole raid, or the new Smokebomb that reduces raid damage taken by 20%.
Not to mention my favorite spell Feint which pretty much reduces the damage taken by literally everything by a lot, making rogue survivability high and taking stress off the healers.
For theorycrafting and all that jazz I like to read on EJ and I use Shadowcraft as my spreadsheet to optimize DPS, I think it's quite interesting delving deep into mechanics.
The talents I pick strongly vary from encounter to encounter. Many adds? Marked for Death is the way to go! Big raid damage? Elusiveness will save my bum. Lots of running around? Burst of Speed will save the day.
I use Shadowcraft as my spreadsheet to sim the best possible DPS setup and I keep up to date with EJ mainly.

Oh dear, my memory is really bad. I think it was in WotLK before Ulduar came out, my girlfriend got me to play WoW with her and I took my time to level and to do a bit of everything e.g. PvP/achievements/60-70 raids etc.
I've seen every raid pretty much, with heroics weaved inbetween each tier.
Examples are: Firelands 7/7, 3/7 HC
Dragon Soul: 8/8, 3/8 HC
Currently on 1/8 ToT but didn't get many bashes going. As for MSV/HOF etc, didn't get to complete it as I stopped playing and only returned recently.
Reason being is moving locations and sorting out everything there. (Scotland)
I've done MSV 6/6 recently however on 10n, and HOF was at 2/4 before I took my break.

I just expect a fun and lax guild for me and my friend to get in and have fun with but still can progress. I just believe we'd be a great asset to any raid guild, providing insight when needed and always do our best. We're always on time for raids and pull our own weight.

In Arathor;

I've been an Officer of The Usual Suspects for over a year now, we've raided every tier since Cataclysm, weaving in some heroics in between. It wasn't the most hardcore guild, but they were content with whatever they decided on. I left after a fellow officer decided to play boss whilst the GM was offline during raids. I've served this guild for the whole year, always on time on raids and it's a pity that they ended it like that. When I left all my friends in that guild left too.
Before this I had my own guild that I made for fun with friends during WotLK and it was a casual raid guild really, we did put effort into getting the Lich King down however. Then we just screwed around.

Completion of Fangs of the Father questline in Cataclysm during the last patch. (Huzzah!)
Realm 2nd Rogue 90 -- Was more of a fun experiment really
I do PvP for fun, got to 1800 rating in WotLK then called it quits.

System specs:
ASUS 660Ti
8GB generic RAM.
Runs wow on 60 fps.


Valhallen's side of the story:

Name: Alex
Age: 21
Location: Romania

Real life:
I'm a 21 year old unemployed lazy bastard that keeps wasting time on video games and not trying to find a job. I have a big passion for video games and in the future I hope I'll be working in the video game industry as a game tester or anything else related. I enjoy listening to repetitive trance music 24/7 since I got bored of listening to Metal. I suck at describing myself so feel free to ask.
(Zeph's note: socially awkward ;_; Nah just kidding)


Frost 2H Death Knight
Time on /played 100 days 5 hours



I'm playing Frost 2H because at the moment because it's the top DPS for DK's and also easy to learn.
The talents I use are: Plague Leech (Unholy Blight and Boiling Blood give no dps/survivability increase)
Lichborne: for when there's heavy raid damage and cannot DPS boss, I use it with a Death Coil macro to heal myself /
Death's Advance: sometimes it can be a DPS increase and it also removes slows
Death Pact: for survivability
Runic Empowerment: It's the most preferred talent for Frost 2H even though sometimes the RNG can bite you in the butt at the same time it can give you a big DPS boost if you're lucky
Remorseless Winter: To CC any adds.
I use EJ to keep up to date with my EP values and simming/theorycrafting.

A month ago or so I came back from a break then I transfered from Ragnaros to Draenor and ever since I'm trying to look for a Guild to progress.
So far: MsV 6/6 HoF 1/6 - ToT 1/12
In the past I've seen the same Zeph did because we were in the same guild beforehand and I was in his own guild as well.

Just as Zeph said, we just want a guild that can be serious about progressing but still can keep the game as a game to have fun and we want to contribute to that as well.

System specs:
Runs a stable 60 FPS.


And finally, we accept your rules & terms.

Hope to hear from you and thank you for taking the time to read our app!


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Joint App from Zephism/Valhallen (Rogue&DK) Empty Re: Joint App from Zephism/Valhallen (Rogue&DK)

Post  Graffiti on Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:19 pm

I am sorry to say guys but we have declined your application due to lack of progress from you both. We wish you all the best finding another guild.


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